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Research shows that across the developed world, billions of dollars are spent each year on unwanted and unused gifts while hundreds of millions of people in the undeveloped world struggle to live on $1 or less per day. Even in wealthy countries like Australia, many people live in poverty, are homeless or marginalised by society.

Gift Me Charity’s mission is to redistribute a portion of the money wasted on unused and unwanted gifts to improve the world we live in today.
How Gift Me Charity Works
Gift Me Charity is an online donation platform which connects a gift giver to a gift receiver's chosen charity.

Step One: A person registers via Facebook or by entering their name and email address. We then create a profile featuring you and your preferred charity and create a unique link that you will own forever.

Step Two: You share your unique link with family and friends. When they want to give you a gift they will have the option to gift a donation on your behalf to your chosen charity.

Corporate Sponsors
The following organisations are sponsoring donations made through Gift Me Charity. Click on the links below to see details of how these organisations are helping to make the world a better place.

Featured Profiles
See below a selection of featured profiles of individuals who have been an integral part of helping to create Gift Me Charity:



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